The Data Center in 2019: Hot Technologies & Trends

Death of the Data Center? Hardly. The Data Center in 2019 remains a significant part of enterprise IT. The role of data centers continue to adapt to our world of evolving technologies. Mega data centers, such as those supporting the giants of Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook, continue to garner the most attention, but the corporate data centers remain firm and relevant. Today’s modern data center supports IT workloads in new and innovative ways. In 2019, we observe an expansion of top technologies such as 5G hybrid operations, edge data centers, next-gen equipment for monitoring, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) & more.

Data and Privacy: 2018-2019 Outlook

2018 has been a landmark year for data protection, and in 2019, data privacy concerns along with global information security spending will continue to rise in excess of $124B, according to Gartner. Security leaders continue to assist organizations in utilizing technology platforms securely, with an aim to stay competitive and drive business growth.

The Data Center in 2018: New Technologies & Trends

In 2018, companies across the globe are pushing towards digital transformation. When it comes to the data center industry, and what trends are shaping it today, most experts would agree that the trends all point to technologies that are enabling this digital revolution and shaping the landscape of the data center.

Top 5 Reasons to Colocate in New Jersey165 Halsey eBook Home Page Graphic v4

There’s a lot more to New Jersey than meets the eye – explore the top reasons why your business will benefit from colocating in this technology-rich state, with a special look at the city of Newark.